Capture The Flag event – Sponsored and Managed by Brown Smith Wallace

Room 204 JC Penny Conference Center

Brown Smith Wallace, LLC.

Take part in an exciting all-day Capture The Flag (CTF) event!

  • CTF challenges are a great way to build confidence in your skills and learn about information security while having FUN!
  • This CTF is geared toward college/high-school students and IT professionals considering an entry into Cybersecurity.
  • Bring your A-game and win prizes and bragging rights!


JC Penney Conference Center Lobby


November 17, 2017. The CTF will be ongoing from 10am to 3pm and teams/individuals are welcome to join in anytime during the competition.


  • You may participate as a team or individually.
  • While a good portion of flags could be completed using a Windows/MAC/Linux machine, it would be good to bring a laptop with all your tools installed. For example, either a Kali laptop or Virtual Box with a Kali Virtual Machine.
  • We will provide competition details and instructions on location.


  • Prizes in the form of gift-cards and certificates will be award to top three winning teams or individuals during an award ceremony between 3pm – 3:30pm
  • Winners will be featured on the conference site

More about the Event

Capture the flag (CTF) is a security/hacking challenge where you need to find flags in binaries, web applications and systems. There is a diverse amount of challenges from full system exploitation to more simple information gathering, also a few locks to pick. Regardless of your skill level, participating in a CTF increases your skills and is a fun puzzle to increase your confidence in information security.

All CTF challenges are pre-made and hosted onsite; there is no need for you to be an experienced hacker to take part; everyone will be able to find parts they are capable to complete. The event is Jeopardy style where teams work independently to solve challenges, Most of the flags are independent so teams can work on any number of flags without getting stumped. Once a team completes a challenge and acquires a flag, they can post that on the automated scoreboard in order to get points, most points win.

Participating is free, bring your own equipment. Detailed instructions to get started will be posted at the event. CTF staff will be in the area for the entire event to answer questions.

Participants of this challenge have various skill levels. All your actions on the network must be responsible and according to ethical hacking practices. This means only targeting machines and challenges that are explicitly mentioned and listed. See more competition rules and disclaimer below.

The event takes place between 10:00am to 3:00pm although feel free to take part off and on through out the conference. Don’t forget to take part in the interesting talks throughout the day.

Please contact Zach Bayne ( for questions about the CTF event.

Competition Rules

Following actions are prohibited, unless explicitly told otherwise by event Admins

  • No cooperation between teams with independent accounts. Sharing of keys or providing revealing hints to other teams is cheating, don’t do it.
  • No attacking the competition infrastructure. If bugs or vulns are found, please alert the competition organizers immediately
  • Absolutely no sabotaging of other competing teams, or in any way hindering their independent progress.
  • No brute forcing of challenge flag/ keys against the scoring site
  • DoSing the CTF platform or any of the challenges is forbidden

Legal bit – Disclaimer

By participating in the contest, you agree to release Brown Smith Wallace, LLC and its employees and the University of Missouri-St. Louis and its employees, from any and all liability, claims or actions of any kind whatsoever for injuries, damages or losses to persons and property which may be sustained in connection with the contest. You acknowledge and agree that Brown Smith Wallace, LLC and University of Missouri-St. Louis are not responsible for technical, hardware or software failures, or other errors or problems which may occur in connection with the contest.

If you have any questions about what is or isn’t allowed, please ask an organizer.

STLCyberCon - Capture the Flag