Dr. Vijay Anand

Assistant Professor in Cybersecurity - Southeast Missouri State University


Dr. Vijay Anand is an Assistant Professor in Cybersecurity at Southeast Missouri State University which he joined in August 2011. He received a PhD Degree (Thesis Title: Security Policy Management, Threat Alleviation and Secure Digital Commercial Services for Embedded Computing Systems) in Computer Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT, Chicago) in May 2011. He has worked in industry in various capacities as Embedded Security Architect at Motorola, Senior Security Engineer at PALM Inc. and, Security Research Engineer in Computation Institute before and during completion of his PhD. His interests include real-time adaptability of Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) to evolving threats, process institutionalization and improvements of security frameworks, human interaction aspect of using a security technology and, security and privacy concerns of digital assets in trustworthy computing.

He has ownership of widely used grid software, JGlobus for secure data transfer and job management which also is one of his research efforts. He currently directs the Cybersecurity program’s vision, enrollment, outreach, setup and accreditation goals at Southeast Missouri State University. He is also the director for the state of Missouri for Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.