Kerrine Nelson

Graduate Student and Conference Co-chair


Kerrine Nelson is a business intelligence professional, who enjoys analyzing and bringing important data to life with a variety of data visualization tools and techniques, while also understanding how data structures and processes work on the back-end. She has significant management, event planning and training experience and is able to quickly connect the dots in any business environment. Along with her great business acumen, she is driven towards excellence in leadership, business processes and innovative solutions and currently applies these skills in her role as Sr. Solutions Analyst at Edward Jones.

Kerrine graduated with degree in Information Systems from the University of Missouri Saint Louis (UMSL) and is currently pursuing an MBA and Business Intelligence certificate from UMSL.

Academic Panel

Academic Panel – Preparation for Cybersecurity Jobs

005 Express Scripts Hall

A panel discussion on the baseline skills (both technical and non-technical) for people aspiring to enter into cybersecurity fields. The panel will focus on skill-sets for both students as well as non-security professionals hoping to transition into cybersecurity. Panel Moderator: Kerrine Nelson. Panelists: Dr. Vijay Anand, Tony Bryan, Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dr. Calvin Nobles, Dr. Fengjun Li, Dr. Bo Luo […]

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