Kurt Aubuchon

Adjunct Professor of CS and IS - UMSL


Kurt Aubuchon teaches Computer Forensics and Incidence Response  at UMSL. Previously he served as a CSIRT Senior Forensic Analyst , CSIRT Global Incident Manager, and CSIRT Program Analyst at IBM. He holds the CISSP, CCE, CISM, CEH, and CHFI certifications.


Three T’s for Digital Forensic Examiners: Technology, Tenacity, and Typing

003 Express Scripts Hall

This session will discuss the most significant knowledge, skills, and abilities an effective digital forensic examiner should embody.¬† Far from being a purely technical discipline, digital forensics requires a gamut of skills, from negotiating with decision makers to navigating complex legal and organizational issues to effectively communicating results, all the while trying to keep up […]

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